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Where Is My Wandering Dog Tonight?

Some dogs that live in the suburbs or in the country have the social complex so strongly developed they become regular gadabouts. They take half their meals away from home and sometimes even spend the night at the house of a favorite neighbor. This is serious or of no consequence depending on the owner’s attitude. Some people seem to feel as much flattered by their dogs’ popularity around town as they are by their own.

But it may be you are not keen about having Jock go in for a social career. Much as you may appreciate any successes he seems likely to achieve, you still feel he is your dog, not public property, and prefer to keep him so. You also realize that this constant calling and visiting means he is eating all kinds of food, which is not good for his health, and receiving all kinds of indulgent treatment, which is not good for his training. If you are wise, you have insisted that all his actual education be left to you and you alone. Even the other mem, bers of your family have not been allowed to inter fere, because such interference is bound to be demoralizing. How much more demoralizing the petting, pampering and indulgence of Tom, Dick and Harry and their respective families can be you realize only too well.

So the sooner you take this case in hand the better. The runningawayfromhome habit, if anticipated, is fairly easy to prevent, but once it has become well fixed it is a stickler. Begin by keeping an eye on Jock when he is playing outdoors, and the minute he shows an inclination to wander over into the next yard or out into the street, call him back. If he is obstinate and tries it again, be patient enough to repeat your calls or whistles each time he reaches the boundary. After four or five attempts on his part and recalls on yours, simply tie him up at his kennel or put him back in the house. After a few days of this he will probably catch the idea and be inclined to stick around. If, later on, you catch him in the act of making a getaway and feel a little punishment would do him good, remember the old rule: punish him at the point where he committed his fault in this case at the boundary line he is not to overstep.

The cure of a runaway is much more difficult when your dog has another dog to play with that of a neighbor, for instance. Two dogs will stray away when either, by itself, would stay at home. This is particularly true of the sporting breeds in a locality where they can easily reach hunting territory. The two pals may have no definite intention of breaking the rules. As they are playing one runs ahead of the other, the latter hurries along to catch and pass his playmate and become the leader in his turn. Before either really realizes it, the pair are off on an extended hunting trip. The same thing is true, to a lesser extent, of all the active breeds. When this happens you and your neighbor should be able to arrange things in such a way that the two victims of the wanderlust are not at liberty at the same times.

Bichon Havanese 63 Where Is My Wandering Dog Tonight?

Where Is My Wandering Dog Tonight?




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