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Probably developed by crossbreeding small English Greyhounds with various smooth and rough coated terriers plus a dash of Italian Greyhound, the Whippet evolved in Great Britain about a century or so ago. He was first used for coursing rabbits, but later was raced on the tracks. In fact, he was nicknamed “the poor man’s race horse.” Here is a true moderate size sporting hound with considerable speed.

His body is slender, deep chested, and strong, showing a strong natural arch over the loin. The head is lean and the muzzle long and rather fine. The small ears are thrown back and folded, while the dark eyes are large and alert. The coat is short and sleek.

WEIGHT: 18 28 pounds, HEIGHT: males 19 22 inches; females 18 21 inches, COLOR: any color. GROUP: Hound.

Whippet Poisoning
We frequently think of poison as a dose planted by a fiend to kill the dog next door. Such cases are rare. More often someone’s ignorance or carelessness causes the dog to poison himself. The garbage can, too, so attractive to all dogs, must bear its share of blame for such tragedies. It is here that a dog often finds old pills and powders. Occasionally a dog comes to grief when, with the best of intentions, he is doctored with remedies from the family medicine chest. Never give your dog “people” medicine without first checking with your veterinarian.

Poisoning can floor a dog suddenly when large doses are swallowed, or it can sicken him gradually if taken in small amounts. While ingestion of different toxins produces various symptoms, some of the most visible signs of poisoning include trembling, excessive thirst, increased salivation, dilated pupils, frequent swallowing, mouth odor, vomiting, staggering gait, cramps, panting, diarrhea, paralysis, convulsions, and coma.

The most common household danger for dogs is poison ing. They can become poisoned by chewing, tasting, or swal lowing toxic substances out of boredom or curiosity, or when they are teething or hungry. Every room in the house, includ ing the garage, contains items that are potentially dangerous to pets. Prevent accidental poisoning by keeping such sub stances out of your dog’s reach.

For instance, ethylene glycol, the active ingredient in an tifreeze, Sterno, and windshield de icers, is one of the most deadly substances for dogs. They are attracted to its sweet, syrupy taste. Symptoms of ingestion include vomiting, mental confusion, progressive depression, and eventual collapse. If treatment is not started early, the dog will usually experience kidney failure and die. When products containing ethylene glycol are stored in the garage, they should be tightly sealed and placed out of the pet’s reach.

First aid for swallowed poisons. First aid depends on the kind of poison ingested. When a noncaustic substance is in gested, an emetic is given like any liquid medicine to make the dog vomit. Giving hydrogen peroxide is an efficient and safe way to make a dog vomit in an emer gency situation. Give undiluted or mix with an equal amount of water, 1 2 tablespoonsfuls peroxide per 10 pounds of body weight. Table salt is another good emetic. Give one table spoon dissolved in one cup of warm water. Vomiting should follow in a few moments.

If the dog has swallowed corrosive acid or alkali, gasoline or other petroleum distillates, or strychnine, do not attempt to make the animal throw up. Instead, dilute the poison by giving milk, whipped egg whites, vegetable oil, or water to help delay further absorption.

The veterinarian within easy reach is a godsend, for there is no time to be lost. Act with all speed if your dog is to be saved. If you know the particular kind of poison your dog has eaten, take along the package. This will help the veterinarian choose the right antidote. Packages containing poisonous materials clearly state the correct antidotes on the labels. If you cannot reach your veterinarian immediately, call the nearest Poison Control Center to learn the correct emergency treatmentthe number for your area should be listed on the inside front cover of the telephone directory.



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